April 22, 2016

Lest We Forget

(A Vietnam veteran's open letter to his local State MP)

Liberal MP, Louise Marcus, at considerable expense to the tax payers, sent me, and every other householder, a glossy brochure inviting me to attend an ANZAC Day service.  I'd like to respond with this open letter to Louise:

Dear Louise,

I am a troubled Vietnam war veteran and I shall not be attending any services on Anzac Day (or Vietnam Veterans Day, or Remembrance Day.)

Your glossy brochure said "LEST WE FORGET".

Lest we forget what, Louise?  Forget that war is politics gone stark raving mad?  Forget that war is nothing more than state-sanctioned mass murder?  Forget that war is terrorism, just on a much more a massive scale?  Forget that young men and women were hyped up by ideological propaganda and lies so that the "Big Boys" could pursue their war profiteering agenda?

And for what, Louise?  For "Empire"?  For our "superior" culture?  To further capitalism's glorious march towards globalisation?  To secure Middle Eastern oil for "The West's" exclusive exploitation? For what, Louise?

You've confused me, Louise.  Really.  I'm stumped.

So, please, Louise, what is it, exactly, that you  don't want me to forget on ANZAC day?

Gerry Binder
Vietnam veteran