September 09, 2004

Gulf war veterans agaist Iraq war

From The Age (Melbourne), this article by Meaghan Shaw, 21 March 2003:
Magnus Mansie and Brett Jones served together on HMAS Success during the first Gulf War.

Together again yesterday, in front of Parliament House, they handed back their service medals in protest against Australia's involvement in a war without United Nations sanction.

Both said they were proud of their medals but felt their action was the only way to be heard. They supported Australian troops now in the Gulf and called for their immediate return. Deputy Opposition Leader Jenny Macklin, Greens leader Bob Brown and Democrats Senator Natasha Stott Despoja received the medals on behalf of Prime Minister John Howard who was "too busy" to attend. Later they delivered them to the Prime Minister's office and asked them to be given to the Australian War Memorial for safekeeping.