September 14, 2004

Brig. Adrian D'Hage - veteran against war in Iraq

From an article in The Advocate (Burnie, Tas.), August 19, 2004, by Gill Vowles:
Retired Brigadier Adrian d'Hage used the Vietnam Veterans' Day service in Burnie's Civic Centre Plaza to launch a stinging attack on the Australian Government's foreign policy on Iraq.

Speaking after a wreath-laying ceremony, Brig. d'Hage said the policy decision to follow the US into war was an "absolute disaster".
(We did have a "Full Story" link back the newspaper so that you could read the entire article on their website, but their website does not support permanent links back to older stories. We are currently trying to obtain a copy of the complete article for our own archives. Once we have this we will provide a link to it for you to view it from here. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Update: The Advocate has not replied to our emails so we have given up on this.